Technical Telemarketing & Market Research Services

By utilising MBD’s business to business market research and telemarketing services, where aimed at gathering critical information and intelligence regarding your potential customers, we will ensure to provide a healthy foundation of sales prospects for your field sales force.

Telemarketing and business market research services will also attain accurate feedback about your market place to help you formulate opinions, trends, characteristics and bench-marks of those industries. Other valuable answers to key questions can also be attained, for example:-

  1. What exactly is happening in the market place, verses perception?
  2. Where is the market heading?
  3. How many companies use or could use our type of products and services?
  4. Is there anything stopping or restricting the market from buying our products/services and why?
  5. Are there any noticeable trends and intel to help steer future business decision making?
  6. Accurate competitor presence, verses perception?
  7. SWOT analysis – Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities & Threats?
  8. Which needs are important to customers?
  9. Are the needs being met by our competitors products/services?
  10. What are the levels of satisfaction with the markets incumbent suppliers?
  11. Is the market growing, stable or declining?
  12. Is the market interested in our products/Services?
  13. When does the prospect want to meet to discuss our products and services?
  14. Other?

Comprehensive telemarketing and market research will provide your organisation with valuable intel, as well as a clear summation of market size and market potential.
These types of services can also be used in conjunction with your company’s new product launches or market awareness programmes.

Seminar or Event Attendee Telemarketing

Generic Seminars or Events are tricky to attain attendance for these days. This is a sign of the times and a changing world in the way that we do business. However, where a Seminar or Event is personalised, so that there are significant benefits for the prospective customers to attend, then these alternative forms of customer engagement services can be very effective for your organisation. Here are some of the Common topics and draw-mechanism examples which will ensure buoyant attendance at your Seminars or Events:-

  1. Legislation impacting on your prospects market place, or their company directly, in the near future.
  2. Seminars, Events or Work-shops – to be carried out at your customer’s facilities (part educational, part soft-selling, seed-sewing, creating the need and up-selling).
  3. Existing or Past/Inactive customer invite-events which revolve around promoting your new products and services, also innovations and what’s new in your company. Plus reasons and the benefits as to why customers should upgrade your products and services, opposed to ‘sweating assets’ and systems. Value added selling (cross/up-selling), opening up new sales opportunities, promoting your wider portfolio offering.
  4. Other compelling or benefit-orientated reasons for prospective customers to attend.

Database Building

Market research database building programmes will address particular industry sectors that you are looking to break into. MBD’s research services revolve around a brief and criterion finalised together with you our client, to ensure a bespoke database is built and compiled for future use as part of a direct marketing and telemarketing lead generation programme.