Existing / Past / Inactive Customer - Value Added Selling

Your existing or past inactive customers are an underestimated revenue stream for your organisation.

Where management consultants are employed to identify business revenue growth avenues within your organisation, they will always start with your existing or past inactive customer base. It is believed that an increase of between 5-15% in annual sales revenue can be achieve via this channel alone.

Ask yourself? :-

  1. Are you getting the most (optimum sales revenue) out of existing of past inactive customers?
  2. Are you ensuring past or inactive customers are being correctly targeted, developed and nurtured at decision maker level, to bring them back on board?
  3. Are your customers fully aware of ALL of the products and services offered by your company?
  4. Could existing customers that have entry level ‘Service’ contracts with you, be upsold a better or more tailored 247 ‘Support’ life-service package?

MBD can support your organisation with structured sales development lead-appointment generation telemarketing programmes, specifically aimed at generating qualified meetings with your past/inactive customers for your field sales force to action. Meetings can be developed with customers that have requirements for new projects, retrofits, upgrades, value-add up-selling opportunities, new service agreements, mission critical 247 service contracts, re-manufacturing re-engineering, bespoke or other requirements.