About MBD

Welcome to MBD Business Development, a recognised UK sales & marketing demand generation services company, supplying high quality research, technical telemarketing and lead & appointment generation services. Successfully working on behalf of some of the world’s largest Industrial, I.T, Commercial, Technology and Services sector companies, and also innovative SME’s – small to medium sized enterprise organisations. All of whom are supported by MBD’s experience and guidance, successfully in business for 28 years.

MBD have carried out in excess of 3000 client campaigns since day one.

During your early stages of working with MBD, we will initially recommend 3-6 month pilot campaigns with you, followed by the implementation of annual sales support programmes, to help provide your organisation with a sustained sales and marketing lead and appointments generation function, feeding directly into your sales force.

MBD also support clients and provide high quality prospect Database Market Intelligence (DMI), utilised for targeted direct marketing campaigns, mail-shots, email marketing, alongside MBD’s technical telemarketing programmes.