Outsourced – ‘PRE-SALES’ – Sales & Marketing Business Development Partner

For many years MBD’s clients have used our business development services to add value to their sales & marketing strategy and to more practically drive up sales activity for their field sales teams. This enables our clients to focus on core business selling, rather than getting tied down or solely relying on conventional marketing methods to generate sales leads.

More and more clients are now turning to MBD to utilise our sales development lead-appointment generation telemarketing services on a regular sustained annual programme basis, to help support momentum for their field sales teams.

It is also apparent that most organisations appreciate the fact that they are not experts in the field of telemarketing or business development consultancy, nor are they trained to recruit, guide, drive, stimulate and supervise employees within this field. As a result there are major advantages in using professional external companies like MBD Business Development, so that companies like yours can focus on core business selling.

Strategic Success Factors & Business Relationships

Call it a cliché, however, the success and increase of any company’s sales revenue revolves around the quality of its business development sales infrastructure. Although your sales team are your front-line selling force, whom bring in revenue, unless they are supported correctly, then their cost on your business can quickly become a liability.

Commonly once your sales & marketing strategy is implemented, where a consistent external demand generation services company’s lead and appointment generation telemarketing programme is adopted, your sales force are more likely to achieve targets, set by management. Also your organisation is more likely to retain sales force employees due to this lead-appointment generation support being a motivational and financially beneficial reason for them to stay and drive up your company’s annual sales turnover and profitability.

MBD Business Development’ aim, objectives and philosophy has always been to build and maintain strong relationships with our customer base, with many of our clients still using our services today.