OEM / SI / Channel Partner Development

Do you design & manufacture machinery, automation, robotics, product-technologies OR are you a software solution author supplier?

Do you wish to identify and meet suitable UK Agents, Resellers, Integrators or VAR’s, who can sell your products, services and solutions directly into the UK or Irish end-user markets?

If yes, then it is likely that we can help you to meet suitable customers via this channel and strategy.

MBD Business Development can assist your organisation, by utilising our experience and connections in your industry, along with our research and relationship building services, aimed directly into your customer sectors. We will work together to help you identify and meet suitable UK organisations that have an interest to partner with you, and become a direct sales agent, reseller or integrator of your products, services and solutions; which they will then sell on to the UK & Irish end-user market place, including their incumbent customer base.

MBD’s support and approach in building and contacting your new UK customer base, will be handled in a professional manner.

Following an initial briefing and objectives plan, compiled together between us, it is then likely that we can commence your campaign soon after. Our services will quickly yield new business opportunities for your organisation and a direct active channel to the UK market place. Your solutions will further enhance and strengthen your new customer’s value propositions and this will enable them to increase their annual sales turnover and profitability, as a natural part of the business relationship together in selling your solutions.

Are these markets not already flooded with my competitors presence, making it tricky for our organisation to penetrate the UK market place?

Whilst your above mentioned customer reseller markets are often seen as mature high-jumps into the unknown, where your competitors already exist as either incumbent suppliers or are perceived as being embedded into the fabric of the agents value propositions and solutions; it is still very apparent that there will always be relationship building opportunities for your organisation to engage and develop new customers face to face.

Your products, services and solutions are likely to benefit UK agents, resellers or integrators with some or all of the following attributes:

  • Extending their products and services applications ‘portfolio’ with new technologies to offer their end-user customers
  • Widening the variety of brands and similar technologies within their portfolio
  • Ability to offer their customers with alternative technologies which have unique customer benefits and selling points, compared to competitors
  • Higher profit margins in comparison to incumbent brands and technologies that they currently sell into the UK and Irish markets
  • Other benefits

Please feel welcome to contact us to discuss your requirements in further detail www.mbdbusinessdevelopment.com/contact/